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GYin Yoga Teacher Training with Dominik - May 2020100hrs Advanced Training in Vinyasa Krama-Jun 2020100hrs Vinyasa Yoga TTC-Weekend withRajeev-Aug2020Yoga Posture Alignment & Adjustment Skills -RajeevYin & RestorativeYoga Teacher Training with Rajeev50hrsAdvanceVinyasa YogaTeacherTraining with Ankit100hrs Vinyasa YogaTTC-Weekdayswith Rajeev-Apr2021Restorative Yoga Immersion with RajeevArt of Adjustments in Yoga Poses with RajeevAshtanga Yoga Immersion forPractitioners &TeachersKey Alignments in Yoga Poses with RajeevMaster Class with Rajeev2 Days Yoga Retreat at Yi Xing Qian YuanYoga Study Day with RajeevJourney to meditation with RajeevChallenge & Flexibility with Yu ChengOpen Your Spine, Lift Your Energy with YijunAshtanga Yoga Introductory Workshop with RajeevBreathe in life and Relax in Awareness with RajeevA Flow in Soft Candlelight with Rajeev108 Sun Salutation in Drishti Vinyasa Yoga ShalaMoving with awareness & control with MarlaAwaken the inner energies with AshuTwist out chill, clean up your body with Yu ChengVinyasa Foundation Practice with RajeevAdjustment Skill of Yoga Poses with RajeevBreathe in life with RajeevDrishti Yoga Foundation with RajeevMoving into stillness with RajeevTwisting Detox Flow with CarmenListening to your body & practice with RajeevWater Flow with CarmenStrength from within with EvgeniaConnecting with your bandhas with ChantalTherapeutic Dance Flow with SongbeiStretch and strengthening with Marla Pranayama and Yoga Nidra with Yogi Sunil SharmaFoundations of Arm Balancing with CarmenThe Healing Power of Mandala with EvgeniaFree Community Yoga Classes with AnushaHatha Yoga Foundation with RajeevOpen Hips - Open Heart with JeanneDiscover Ayurveda - Workshop with RajeevAwakening Psoas - Bridge to lightness with RajeevA Restorative Wednesday Evening with YuchengYoga for Digestion with Anusha21days Yoga Challenge @ Drishti Vinyasa Yoga ShalaFree Community Yoga Class with RajeevBaby Step to Meditation with RajeevFree Community Yoga Class with Rajeev108 Sun Salutations with RajeevDeep Stretch Hour with RajeevCore & Stability with YijunHip Opening with RajeevFree Community Yoga Class with RajeevSmooth Hips - Hip Opening with AnushaIyengar Yoga Workshop with Ian LewisStay still to grow deeper - Inversion with RajeevOpen Your Heart - Back Bends with Kaoru & RajeevYoga Anatomy Foundation Training with RajeevYoga for all with MykimRelaxing Evening - Trataka &Yoga Nidra with DhirajFree Community Yoga Class with RajeevCore Strengthening with AnushaSelf Acceptance-Yin Practice with Rajeev200hrs Yoga Teacher Training-Weekends -Aug/Nov2018200hrs Yoga Teacher Training-Weekdays - Dec 2018Yoga Anatomy Foundation Training with RajeevBasics of Yoga Posture Alignment with RajeevYin - Yang Workshop with MykimShoulder Opening with DhirajChant from within with Angela,Nico, Celine & MariaDance of Slow Flow with AnushaEnlightenment Evening on Christmas with DhirajFearless Backbends with Melody4 in 1- Pranayama,Flow,Yin&Meditation with SelinaReverse Vinyasa with RajeevCore Strengthening with YuchengYoga for Digestion with AnushaAsana & Yoga Props with RajeevPre-Teacher Training Course - Jan 2019 with RajeevAsana, Pranayama & Meditation with AnushaHip Opening with MelodyChakra tuning with Selina50hrs Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training with DhirajBack Bends with AnushaAdjustment Skills for Yoga Instructors with RajeevHatha Immersion with Dhiraj & AnushaBlooming Lotus with RajeevYoga Open Heart Workshop with MykimPractice to Heal - Ayurveda Lecture with RajeevChair Yoga with YuchengBalance of Yin & Yang with MelodySelf management of excessive tension with DhirajBreathe as a transformative tool with SelinaPower of Silence - Chest Opening with RajeevCreativity & Passion Boost with SelinaCore Strengthening with MelodyStrong Supports - Yoga & Props with KaedeWe Love Back Bends with YijunNeck and Shoulder Relief with MarinaDrishti Vinyasa Intermediate Practice with Rajeev200hrs Yoga Teacher Training-Weekends -Mar/Jun2019200hrs Yoga Teacher Training-Weekdays-Apr/May 2019200hrs Yoga Teacher Training-Weekdays-Jul/Oct 2019300hrs Yoga Teacher Training-Weekdays-Jul/Nov 2019Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Dominik - Jun 2019Back Bends with DhirajBreathe, Bandhas & Vinyasa with RajeevTorso Strengthening with MarinaIntense Flow with AnkitFull Body Flexibility Class with IrinaA Journey With Singing Bowl with GabrielAdjustments of Yoga Poses with RajeevLovenergy Meditation with NataliiaYin Inspiration from Dominik with RajeevFoundation of Asanas with DhirajVinyasa Immersion with Rajeev -Jul 2019-YACEPScientific Approach to Pranayama with AnkitSplits with MarinaLegs and Gluteus with MarinaAdjustment Skills of Yoga Poses with Rajeev-YACEPYoga Anatomy with Rajeev - YACEPA Journey Through Yoga World with ShikhilMaster Inversions - Overcome Fear with AnkitMeditation & Satsang with Drishti TeachersHot Yoga with DhirajYoga Stretch with DhirajChakra Meditation with RajeevChest Opening with MelodyTristana Method with MarinaFREE Community Yoga with AnkitYoga with props with RajeevPre Yoga Teacher Training - Sep 2019 -YACEPLadder Flow with DanielaBasics of Arm Balances with JenniferBasics of Vinyasa with Rajeev50hrs Intense Flow Training with Ankit - Aug 2019108 Sun Salutations with ShikhilDeep Stretch & Singing Bowl Meditation with ClaireAshtanga as it is! with MarinaHealthy Spine Yoga Workshop with RajeevIyengar Yoga Workshop with Ian Lewis - Oct 2019Pelvic Floor Awareness with JeanneYin Yoga & TCM with Dominik in Oct 2019Yin Yoga  - Stillness of Opposites with YolandeVinyasa Vibe with RajeevFree Ashtanga Community Class with MarinaChaturanga Free Vinyasa with DhirajHeart Opening - Heart Chakra Class with ClaudiaPranayama in Depth with AnkitFree Vinyasa Community Yoga Class with RajeevHeadstands with RajeevIntro into the cardiovascular system with ShikhilAutumn Sequence for Balancing Vata with YolandeArt of Adjustment Skills - Yoga Poses with Rajeev200hrs Yoga TTC -Weekends-Aug/Nov 2019Meditation Pranayama Sadhana with RajeevIntense Flow with Ankit - Dec 2019Thai Yoga Massage with RajeevYoga for forgiveness with Claire3 Days Foundation Coursewith Dr. Manjunath Dec2019Detox Yoga with MelodyHappy Hips with BeideYoga Teacher Foundation Training with RajeevMindful Lower Back - Lowerback pain relief- IrinaWith time, Magic arises with Yijun200hrs Yoga TTC with Rajeev- Nov 201950hrs Ashtanga Yoga TTC with Dhiraj - Jan 2020200hrs Yoga TTC, Goa, India with Rajeev-Jan 2020100hrs Hatha Vinyasa YogaTTC - Feb2020200Hrs Yoga TTC- Weekends with Rajeev-Mar-Jun 2020200hrs Yoga TTC- Weekdays with Rajeev-Apr-May 2020Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Doiminik - May 2020100hrs Advanced Training in Vinyasa Krama-Jun 2020Webinar-Yogic Philosophy & Psychology with SuniljiYoga Posture Alignment & Adjustment Skills- Rajeev200hrs Yoga TTC-Weekends with Rajeev Aug-Nov 2020100hrs Vinyasa Yoga TTC-Weekend withRajeev-Aug2020200hrsYoga TTC-Weekdayswith Rajeev-Nov2020-Jan2021Iyengar Yoga Workshop with Ian Lewis -Nov 2020Yin & RestorativeYoga Teacher Training with Rajeev200hrs Yoga TTC-Weekends with Rajeev Mar-Jun 202150hrsAdvanceVinyasa YogaTeacherTraining with AnkitRestorative Yoga Immersion with Rajeev 2 - 5 OctArt of Adjustments in Yoga Poses with RajeevFinding Potentials-Back Bends Workshop with RajeevWorking on Forearm Balance & Scorpions with Rajeev100hrs Vinyasa YogaTTC-Weekendswith Rajeev-Mar2021200hrs Vinyasa YogaTTC-Weekdayswith Rajeev-Apr2021200hrs Yoga TTC-Weekends with Rajeev Aug-Nov 2021

Cease your Mind.   Begin the journey to the Self

A Complete Yoga Teacher Training

Apply for the upcoming weekdays 200 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training

RYS 200 - 2011 T0 2020

14 MAR - 28 JUN 2020



RYS 200 - 2011 T0 2020

14 MAR - 28 JUN 2020

Do you want to know more about yoga?

Are you looking for deepen little bit more?

Are you looking for refresh yourself?

Are you looking forward to step into the seats of a teacher?

Then this yoga teacher training is for you!

Join our   Vinyasa based 200 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training and know more about history of yoga, philosophy of yoga, our own body, anatomy of body, yogic anatomy, fascinating mind, different yogic breathings, etc.   This course is a great step for you to begin teaching yoga with passion and helpful mind.   







加入我们 Vinyasa的200小时瑜伽教师培训课程吧,了解更多关于瑜伽的历史、



What you learn? -   你将学到了什么



1.   Fill the application form and submit with the fee

2.   Transfer course fee to be done through bank transfer

3.   A confirmation email of your entrance in the course and   deposit information will be give to you as email after process your application.

4.   After arriving we will ask you to sign the Course Rules Form and Course Entry Forms of Drishti Vinyasa Yoga Shala, India.

REQUIREMENTS: Students must have a regular Vinyasa Yoga practices before participate in it.   Contact us for guidence.   Add WeChat: drishtiyoga


06:45 - 10:00    -    Practice (Vinyasa, Pranayama & Meditation)

10:00 - 10:30    -    Break

10:30 - 12:30    -    Alignment / Adjustments / Teaching Skills

12:30 - 14:00    -    Break

14:00 - 15:30    -    Lecture

15:30 - 17:30    -    Practice / Alignment / Adjustments / Teaching Skills / Practicum

* schedules are subjected to change


7, 8, 9, 10, 14, 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30 Apr 2020

12, 13, 14, 15, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28, 29 May 2020

About Rajeev, ERYT500, Yoga Acharya, Ayurveda Therapist

I am Rajeev, from India.   Living in China since 2005.   For me yoga is an art of understanding self even though mostly I share my experience to others is about yoga postures.   I found my yoga, I don't have any clear dates on it.   My childhood was with full of intuitional connections of yoga and spiritual life.   Decided to change my profession from navy to be yoga lover from International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwanthari Ashram in 2001.   Personally love Krishnamacharya tradition Vinyasa practices in asana as it helped me to improve my postures.   

What I offer in my classes is a stronger foundation, alignment, healing and therapeutical approach is my Hatha classes.   A steady flow approach is what I follows in my Vinyasa classes.   Simply flow & enjoy the flow of prana & mindfulness.   A passive way of restoration and release of connective tissue tightness what I offers in my yin yoga classes & restorative classes.   Pranayama & meditations are included within my most of the sections.   Most of my early morning classes are with more back bends, hip openers & inversions; evenings are less on these and evenings are moderately balanced practices.   

My teacher's training classes are unique and half of the trianing are based on alignment & foundations and remaining half are based on steady flowing vinyasa practices.   What I share mostly in the training is what I learnt from my family, my teachers, my experiences, my researches and even what I learnt from my students.   Even though yoga knowledge manipulated by these fast paced world, I am trying my best to give it pure as possible and I will not change that purity till I change that feeling about yoga. Om Namah Sivaya. Hari Om Tat Sat

An Approved Registered Yoga School in

American Yoga Alliance & World Yoga Alliance




Learning the proper asanas, alignments, adjustment skills, usage of yoga props, benefits, precations, instructional skills in asanas, etc.   Deepen your own asanas, self practice sections, partnerizing and practicing, teaching skill improvements will be adding in this to understand it effectively.   


学习正确的体式、调整、调整技巧、瑜伽道具的使用、预防措施、体式教学技巧等.   深化自我体式,自我实践部分,与他人合作和实践,为了更有效地理解它,将增加教学技能提高

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Meditation & Pranayama

Meditation process will be adding in everyday to improve the awareness and mindfulness.   Different types of meditations will be introducing in course with steps of meditation and instructional skills.   

Various pranayamas will be introducing including nadi shodhana, surya bhedana, violoma, bhastrika, etc.   Anatomy of breathing, pranayama, benefits, precautions are included to understand the practices of pranayama better.

冥想 & 呼吸法


将介绍各种不同的呼吸法,包括Nadi Shodhana、Surya Bhedana、Violoma、Bhastrika等。包括呼吸解剖学、呼吸法、益处、预防措施,以便更好地了解呼吸法的实践。

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History of yoga, types of yoga, yogic scriptures, Raja Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita will be introducing.   Usage of these yogic philosophy in modern era, it's importance,   application, etc



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To understand the fascinating mechanism of the body, introduces with different body systems, functions and connect these systems with the proper alignment of yoga poses and adjustment skills.   It's included with cardio-vascular system, skeleto-muscular system, respiratory system, digestive system, etc.



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Cleansing techniques, importance of Kriyas in yogic practices, benefits, precautions, course planning, etc.   It's included with neti, nauli, dhauti, kapalabhati, basti, sudarshana kriyas, etc


清洁技术、清洁法在瑜伽实践中的重要性、益处、预防措施、课程规划等,包括neti、nauli、dhauti、kapalabhati、basti、sudarshana kriyas等。

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Various ways to create the yoga class sequences depend on the students abilities, physical conditions, regular standard yoga classes, intentional / special yoga classes, etc.   Group discussions, funful way of sequencing sections with excellent teachers



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Introduction to the sister branch of yoga; ayurveda.   Food classifications, body classifications, life style, routines, kriyas, seasonal changes and body, preparing the yoga practices depend on the body types, pressure points, etc




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Teaching Methodology

Preparation of yoga classes, instructional skills, voice patterns, adjustment techniques, sequencings, adaptable positions and touchings, etc.   A complete understanding to help the yoga students to improve their teaching skills with confidence.



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Our training are completely founded in a way that to train the yoga lovers into the levels of becoming yoga teachers who will have much confident in helping students to improve their skills of practices, health and peace of mind.   


  • Raja Yoga Meditation

  • Japa Meditation

  • Chakra Meditation

  • Meditation on Subject / Object

  • .... and more

Pranayama (Breathing Exercises)

  • Viloma Pranayama

  • Anuloma Pranayama

  • Pratiloma Pranayama

  • Nadi Shodhana;

  • Sitali, Sitkari

  • Ujjayi Pranayama

  • Bhastrika Pranayama

  • Brahmari

  • .... and more

Asana (Postures)

  • Standing Asanas

  • Seated Asanas

  • Inversion Asanas

  • Arm Balancing Asanas

  • Back Bending Asanas

  • Hip Opening Asanas

  • Restorative / Yin Asanas etc.

Mudras (Gestures)

  • Hand Mudras

  • Head Mudras

  • Postural Mudras

  • Lock Mudras etc

Sequencing Techniques

  • Creating an outline for the class

  • Regular Class Sequencing

  • Intentional Class Seuqencing

  • Chakra Balancing Sequencing

  • .... and more

Restorative / Yin Yoga Poses

  • Introduction to Restorative Yoga

  • Introduction to Yin Yoga

  • Intention and Purpose of Restorative & Yin Yoga

  • Poses of Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga

History & Philosphy of Yoga

  • History of Yoga & India

  • Introducing the lineage of yogis and teachers

  • Introduction to Bhagavat Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Raja Yoga Sutra

  • Four Paths of Yoga

  • Introduction to Vedanta Philosophy

  • Introduction to Samkhya Philosophy

  • .... and more

Anatomy & Physiology

  • Skeleto - Muscular System

  • Cardiovascular System

  • Respiratory System

  • Digestive system

  • .... and more

  • Yogic Anatomy

  • Chakras

  • Nadis, Pranas

  • Bandhas

  • Sarira

  • .... and more

Alignment & Adjustment Skills

  • Importance of Alignment & Art of touch

  • Fundamental Theory of Alignment

  • Introduction to Skeleto- Muscular System & Joints

  • Alignment of Yoga Poses

  • Adjustment Skills & Teaching Methodology

  • .... and more


"Keep our body as pure as a temple, so the god can shine inside".   The classical Shat Kriyas (Six purification ways) will be introduced here.   It will give an understanding about the purification of body and mind.

Teaching Methodology

  • Skilful sequencings & classes

  • Skills of instruction & communication

  • Demonstration Skills

  • Skills of adjustments and modification of poses

  • Usage of Props

  • Monitoring student's progression and improvement

  • .... and more


  • Introduction & Fundamentals of sister branch of yoga; Ayurveda

  • Ayurveda Cleaning Technique & Yoga Kriyas

  • Yoga practice changes depend on the body constituitions

  • Ayurveda Daily & Seasonal Routines etc

  • .... and more

@ Drishti Vinyasa Yoga Shala
with Rajeev, ERYT500, Yoga Acharya, Ayurveda Therapist


14800RMB (till 30 Dec 2019)

15800RMB (till 30 Jan 2020)*

16800RMB (Regular Fee)

* Early you register, you can get the e-reading and practicing materials to begin the training.

Contact us

Email: drishtiyogach@hotmail.com

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